Nike has a new corporate slogan in China: Just Un-Do It. The sportswear giant has apologized to China for the "LeBron James in Chamber of Fear" shoe ad that has been banned from...

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Nike has a new corporate slogan in China: Just Un-Do It.

The sportswear giant has apologized to China for the “LeBron James in Chamber of Fear” shoe ad that has been banned from Chinese television stations on the grounds that the ad’s martial-arts theme was offensive to national dignity.

“The idea of the advertisement came from Hong Kong’s Kung fu movies of the 1970s,” said Nike’s statement, according to Reuters. “Nike hoped it could encourage Asia youth to face their fears in basketball.”

“If they wanted to do that,” wondered Gavin McDougald of, “why didn’t they just shoot a game in Detroit?”

Top Dawgs

Hey, if seemingly everybody else can play the who-beat-who game to justify a spot in a BCS bowl game, why not Washington? After all:

• The Huskies (1-10) beat San Jose State (2-9)

• which beat Rice (3-8)

• which beat SMU (3-8)

• which beat Tulsa (4-8)

• which beat UTEP (8-3)

• which beat Fresno State (8-3)

• which beat Kansas State (4-7)

• which beat Nebraska (5-6)

• which beat Big East champion Pittsburgh (8-3).

Political football

Lynn Swann, the Steelers’ Hall of Fame receiver, is mulling a 2006 run for governor of Pennsylvania, the state’s national GOP committeeman told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

And if Swann wins it, rumor has it, Terry Bradshaw and Franco Harris have offered to throw him an immaculate reception.

Time capsule

In September 2002, a Sports Illustrated cover celebrated first-year coach Tyrone Willingham’s win over Michigan State with the headline: “Return to Glory / Notre Dame / What a difference a coach makes.”

Talking the talk

• Reader Joe Gutierrez, to the Los Angeles Times, on the Pacers-Pistons rematch on Christmas Day: “Maybe we should sit around the TV with our families and sing ‘Jingle Brawls.’ Perhaps ‘Deck the Halls’ will have a whole new meaning.”

• Jeff Gordon of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, on FSN covering the Rock/Paper/Scissors World Championships: “Great … one more event likely to grab better ratings than NHL hockey did.”

• Jay Mariotti of the Chicago Sun-Times, on the annual bowl-game controversies: “If aliens ever doubt the existence of intelligent life on Earth, they can point to the BCS as confirmation.”

• Comedian Dennis Miller, on hard-core NFL fans: “It’s not the Vatican, but then again, the pope doesn’t have to go across the middle on guys like Ronnie Lott.”

Fighting for ratings

Eric Snow, the Cleveland Cavaliers guard, will be featured in the first episode of “NBA Players in the Community,” which makes its debut Sunday on NBA TV, the network announced.

Guess that means they must be saving “Pacers Players in the Detroit Community” for sweeps week.

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