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Cowlitz River – 285 bank rods kept 22 adult and 1 jack spring Chinook and 1 steelhead and released 2 adult spring Chinook and 5 cutthroats.  94 boat rods kept 28 adult spring Chinook and 1 steelhead and released 5 cutthroats.

Last week, Tacoma Power employees recovered 315 spring Chinook adults, 34 spring Chinook jacks, 43 winter-run steelhead adults and 18 summer-run steelhead adults in five days of operation at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator.

During the past week, Tacoma Power employees released six spring Chinook adults, 12 spring Chinook jacks, and two winter-run steelhead adults into the Cispus River near Yellow Jacket Creek and they released 64 spring Chinook adults, nine spring Chinook jacks, and one winter-run steelhead adult into Lake Scanewa located near Randle.

In addition, Tacoma Power employees released 41 spring Chinook adults and five spring Chinook jacks at Franklin Bridge in Packwood and five winter-run steelhead adults into the Tilton River located at Gust Backstrom Park in Morton.

River flows at Mayfield Dam are approximately 14,600 cubic feet per second on Monday, May 22th. Water visibility is 6 feet and water temperature is 46.4 degrees F.

From the Lexington (Sparks) Road Bridge upstream to 400 feet or boundary markers below the barrier dam – From June 1 through July 31, barbed hooks will be allowed for salmon, steelhead, and cutthroats.
East Fork Lewis River from the mouth to 400 feet below Horseshoe Falls (except closures around various falls) and the Washougal River from the mouth to Salmon Falls Bridge – Under permanent rules these areas will be open to fishing with bait for hatchery steelhead beginning the first Saturday in June.

Lewis River (including North Fork) – Little to no effort for steelhead.

Wind River – 227 boat rods kept 52 adult and 3 jack spring Chinook.  6 bank rods kept 4 adult and 1 jack spring Chinook.

Drano Lake – 471 boat rods kept 151 adult and 6 jack spring Chinook and released 3 adult and 1 jack spring Chinook.

Klickitat River – 38 bank anglers kept 12 adult and 1 jack spring Chinook and 4 steelhead.

Klickitat River from the mouth (Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge) upstream the Fisher Hill Bridge and from 400 feet upstream from #5 fishway upstream to boundary markers below the Klickitat Salmon Hatchery – Effective June 1, open to fishing 7 days per week. Daily limit 6 hatchery Chinook of which 2 may be adults. In addition, up to 3 hatchery steelhead may be retained.


Plants of catchable size and larger rainbows into SW WA waters.  No report on angling success.

MINERAL LK (LEWIS COUNTY) 5,376 trout on May 15 and 4,224 on May 16

FORT BORST PRK LK (LEWIS COUNTY) 2,000 trout on May 16

HORSESHOE LK (COWLITZ COUNTY) 2,681 trout on May 19


No reports on angling success.  The 45 fish counted at Bonneville Dam through May 22 are the lowest since the 4 fish were counted in 1984.