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Cowlitz River – 48 bank anglers kept 15 adult and 4 jack spring Chinook and 6 summer run steelhead.  15 boat anglers kept 2 adult spring Chinook and 5 summer run steelhead.  The majority of the spring Chinook were caught near the salmon hatchery and summer run steelhead near the trout hatchery.

Last week Tacoma Power employees recovered 155 spring Chinook adults, 49 jacks, 158 summer-run steelhead adults during five days of operations at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator.

During the past week, Tacoma Power employees released seven spring Chinook adults and 22 jacks into Lake Scanewa located above Cowlitz Falls Dam, seven spring Chinook adults and six jacks into the Cispus River upstream of the mouth of Yellow Jacket Creek near Randle, and 41 spring Chinook adults and 15 jacks at Franklin Bridge in Packwood.

River flows at Mayfield Dam are approximately 6,560 cubic feet per second on Monday, June 20. Visibility is 10.5 feet.

Wind River and Drano Lake – At Wind River, June 30 is the last day to fish for spring chinook above Shipherd Falls. It is also the last day for the 4 adult Chinook daily limit at Drano Lake as well as the last day for two-poles, boat limits, and barbed hooks for both Wind River and Drano Lake. Drano Lake will be open 7 days per week beginning July 1 and the bank only area near the mouth will be open for boats.

Lower Columbia mainstem below Bonneville Dam – During the first four days of the summer Chinook fishery we sampled 1,409 salmonid anglers (including 273 boats) with 200 adult and 7 jack summer Chinook, 57 steelhead, and 30 sockeye.  Approximately half of the adult Chinook, 79% of the steelhead, and all of the sockeye were kept.


Lower Columbia mainstem from the Marker 82 line downstream – We sampled 21 sturgeon anglers (6 boats) with 43 legals released.  Sturgeon catch was sampled from Woodland downstream to Longview.

Bonneville Pool – During last Saturday’s retention fishery, boat anglers averaged a legal kept per every 5.4 rods.  Bank anglers were also catching some legals.  A pretty good chunk (54 fish found in the creel sample) of the remaining 168 fish annual guideline were taken; however, this is not the actual total catch estimate which is unavailable at this time..  The next scheduled retention day is Friday July 1.


Lower Columbia mainstem below Bonneville Dam – We sampled 5 walleye anglers (3 boats) that had kept 11 walleye in the Woodland area.

Bonneville Pool – Boat anglers are catching some walleye.


Lower Columbia mainstem below Bonneville Dam – Based on mainly incomplete trips, bank anglers just below the dam averaged nearly 2 shad per rod.  Boat anglers were also catching some fish in the same area based on completed trips.