Joe Maurer just got a dose of cold reality — as in minus-7 degrees. The Twins catcher flew in last week from his home in Fort Myers, Fla. — temperature: 72 —...

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Joe Maurer just got a dose of cold reality — as in minus-7 degrees.

The Twins catcher flew in last week from his home in Fort Myers, Fla. — temperature: 72 — to keep a Twin Cities commitment to former teammate Corey Koskie and sleep overnight in a tent in Wayzata, Minn., to help raise money for the homeless. “Corey asked me at the end of last season if I would do it for a good cause,” Maurer, 21, told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “Then he called Thursday and said he had the sleeping bag ready.

“I’m glad I went, but it was cold. I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep. We did it for just one night; homeless people do it 365 days a year.

“It gives you an appreciation for what you’ve got.”

Ring leader

Mike Tyson completed his 100 hours of community service at gyms in Brooklyn and Phoenix as part of a guilty plea for disorderly conduct, moving his lawyer to tell the judge: “He’s had a remarkable effect on the children of the community.”

Rebutted David Thomas of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “I think we’d be more encouraged to hear that the children had had a remarkable effect on Tyson.”

Christmas red card

Sally Evans just gave her soccer-crazed boyfriend an unusual Christmas present: the boot.

Seems Simon Bowen, 31, took his love of the hometown Wolverhampton Wanderers just a little too far for her liking. He spray-painted their holiday tree in the team’s gold and black colors, then used players’ photos as ornaments.

As Sally, 28, told The Sun of London after walking out on him: “It’s just not funny.”

Pushing the envelope

The NBA has signed a licensing agreement for 30 of its players to appear on postage stamps in 50 foreign countries, reported, which begs these questions:

• With the Vince Carter stamp, can you mail it in from Canada?

• Would any self-respecting mailman accept a letter bearing a Kobe Bryant stamp?

• Did Steve Nash get first dibs on Greece?

• Who better to go postal than Ron Artest?

Talking the talk

• Patrick Reusse of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, on the pained expressions of Vikings coach Mike Tice during Sunday’s 28-27 win over the Lions: “Tice looked as though he was aging faster than your average opposition candidate in Ukraine.”

• NBC’s Jay Leno, on the Christmas card the NBA sent him: “It says, ‘Season’s Beatings.’ “

• David Davies of London’s Guardian, decrying the technology allowing golfers to hit the ball increasingly farther: “They have had to lengthen the Old Course at St. Andrews, for instance, which is rather like redecorating the Sistine Chapel in nice pastel shades with a roller.”

• Cardinals center Alex Stepanovich, to the Arizona Republic, on his futile chase of the Rams’ Leonard Little during a 61-yard fumble return: “I shouldn’t have eaten those Krispy Kremes the other day. I might have caught him.”

I do, I didn’t

First Us Weekly reports that Anna Kournikova married singer Enrique Iglesias, and now People magazine says she didn’t.

That’s just great. Anna quits tennis — and it’s still unclear whether she’s playing singles or doubles.

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