The easy thing to do, of course, would be to make fun of Dallas. To call it America's worst example of urban sprawl, a concrete mess inhabited...

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The easy thing to do, of course, would be to make fun of Dallas. To call it America’s worst example of urban sprawl, a concrete mess inhabited by women with big hair and the men who love them.

It would just be wrong to call Big D a city that thinks recycling is for hippies, and that bicyclists make good moving targets, while making no mention of the vibrant arts scene, the fantastic restaurants and the Southern hospitality of this great, cosmopolitan city.

OK, then, let’s get started.

Here it is, our completely uninformed and biased guide to Dallas trivia:

Movie people in Dallas wish had never been made: “Debbie Does Dallas.”

Best TV show set in Dallas: Well, let’s see … oh yeah, “Dallas!” (And just wondering, is anyone ever going to make that “Dallas” movie with John Travolta as J.R.?)

Best reality TV show set in Dallas (unintentional comedy category): “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.” Seriously, you have to see this to believe it.

Crazy NBA owner: Mark “Cubes” Cuban. Doesn’t Mark Cuban seem like a guy who should own the Sonics, and Clay Bennett like a guy who should own the Mavericks?

Tallest building: Bank of America Plaza, 921 feet. Sorry, but that’s no match for the Columbia Center, Seattle’s 967-foot tower of power.

Best bass player: Dusty Hill of ZZ Top was born in Dallas.

Best singer/guitarist from Dallas who we always thought was a woman until we did a Wikipedia search: Trini Lopez (big hit: “If I Had a Hammer,” 1963).

Best guitar player: Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.). The late, great Pantera guitarist was actually born in Arlington, but close enough.

New city slogan: “Live Large. Think Big.”

Best golfer: Lee Trevino.

Best vixen: Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated actress Morgan Fairchild. (Bonus Morgan Fairchild trivia: She appeared in one episode of “Dallas.” She dated John Kerry in the 1990s.)

Best sprinter: Michael Johnson, who won the 200- and 400-meter races at the 1996 Olympics, the 200 in the ridiculous time of 19.32 seconds, still a world record.

Girls gone wild: Dallas considered making a run at the 2008 Democratic or Republican national conventions, but decided not to because it might interfere with the Mary Kay cosmetics convention. The annual event draws 50,000 “pink ladies” to Dallas. “You’ve got to dance with the one who’s brung ya,” John Crawford, the chairman of Downtown Dallas, told the Dallas Morning News earlier this year.

Yes, the president was killed here: If you haven’t had your fill of JFK assassination trivia on The History Channel, you can visit the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.

Ways Dallas is better than Seattle: Dallas has NHL and MLS teams. (Of course, this is good news only if you’re a hockey or soccer fan.) And the monthlong state fair seems like it would be pretty cool.

Thanks, Dallas: For 7-Eleven, car radios, frozen margaritas, ATMs, drive-up bank windows, the microchip and Barney, which all got their starts in Big D.

City that thinks it’s better than Dallas: Houston.