Game plan, skill foiled Hawks

I think your writers are assigning too much blame to Russell Wilson regarding the Giants’ victory last Sunday. The Giants had a seemingly perfect game plan and executed it beautifully. Seattle’s offensive line couldn’t keep the Giants away from Wilson, and the pass defenders wouldn’t let Seahawk receivers get open very often.

The Giants simply had the Seahawks’ number. Even the Russell who walked on water in September and October couldn’t have overcome that defense.

Give the guy a break.

Roger Carlstrom, Yakima

Pressure cooking

Now that all the expectation for Russell to win the MVP award is over perhaps he can relax and go back to being Russell Wilson and win games.

Michele Buttelman, Coupeville


Dark matter

OK, it needs to be said: Those black Husky football uniforms need to be taken out to the burn barrel! Black is not a UW color. (Ed.: Ummm, I kinda like them?)

Cal Bosch, Yakima


Canada’s different, but better?

As an American citizen and also permanent resident of Canada, I read with interest Geoff Baker’s article on how the U.S. and Canada have handled sports in the past year. Baker’s findings are as always solidly supported for the most part, but the claim that the COVID-19 infection rate in the U.S. is four times higher than the rate in Canada needs context. At present the city of Seattle alone has half a dozen drop-in centers for free testing, with no referral needed; the last I knew, residents of Vancouver, B.C., must journey outside the city for drive-through testing, which is available by referral only.

Let’s hope that our two countries can avoid the sniping and work together.

Bruce Fulton, Seattle

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