Trailblazing for women

Thanks so much for both of the timely stories in the Sunday paper, underscoring, in unison, the need for more women in baseball, because women are among the game’s most ardent and committed fans (Pacific NW Mag: “It’s not a whole new ballgame — yet — but Spokane’s Christine Wren went to bat for future generations as a professional umpire in the 1970s”).

If baseball wants to keep us as loyal fans, yes, we need women umps, women in the bullpen, women trainers, women in the broadcast booths, and women in the front office. Thank you, Christine, for making the point!

Kathryn Warma, Seattle

Traveling couple

What a wonderful story and way to spend their life together. Kudos to these to these partners in life. (Larry Stone: “323 ballparks down, only 2 to go: Lynnwood couple’s quest on hold due to COVID”). Way to live it.

Purp (online comment)


Play Kelenic or not?

I agree he’s too valuable to rush and since he has significantly fewer at bats than Mike Trout had in the minors, that seals the deal for me (Larry Stone: “Though Jarred Kelenic is ‘exciting the daylights’ out of Mariners, don’t expect him on 2020 MLB roster”).

d-sport (online comment)


Undefeated teams likely ahead

The Pac-12’s cancellation of nonconference football games means the likely losses of Oregon to Ohio State, USC to Alabama and Washington to Michigan won’t happen. Without those losses, the Pac-12 could possibly have an undefeated team at season’s end.

We can be sure that if an undefeated Pac-12 team is not selected for the playoffs, we will hear the annual wailing and cries of conference bias.

Jim Varnell, Normandy Park

D.C. mess

The sordid saga of sexual harassment on the part of officials from the Washington NFL team is just one more instance of behavior that makes me ashamed to be born male.

Tom Likai, Shoreline

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