No Michigan game in 2020

I was looking forward to the Huskies playing Michigan anywhere, even if it had to be at Peter Kirk Park in Kirkland (“UW’s season opener against Michigan canceled as Big Ten adopts conference-only football schedule in 2020”). The Huskies really need a signature win over a traditional powerhouse team to show that things are turned around.

Husky69 (online comment)

Spring ball

And we inch closer to canceling the fall season. I hope they can figure out a way to move it to the spring.

Acadian04 (online comment)


Return to action

It is what it is.

I’m glad to see the lads on the pitch; looking forward to some matches (Matt Calkins: “Life for the Sounders inside Orlando’s MLS bubble: Tolerable, tedious and a step toward normalcy”). Watching soccer on TV, it’s weird to not see fans and experience the crowd atmosphere. But it’s better than the alternative.

the butler (online comment)

Worried for the Sounders

The decision made by Sounders FC management to send the team to Florida, and play matches there, is such a dangerous decision. I’m a season-ticket holder since the beginning and I love the team and the members. I only want them healthy and safe.

To play matches in Florida, with the huge increase in coronavirus cases, is foolish and dangerous. Guess it’s all about the money.

Mary Kathryn Myers (RN), Kent

Too soon?

As a baseball fanatic, it pains me to say that MLB must cancel its upcoming season, and other professional leagues and the NCAA should follow suit. With COVID-19 spreading out of control, the business of sports isn’t worth the risk of infection and harm and will only give us false hope that we are defeating the virus when in truth our country has mostly botched it.

Mark McIntyre, Bellevue


Short season does no favors

Unfortunately Jerry Dipoto’s timing for this rebuild couldn’t be worse. (Larry Stone: “The season has changed dramatically, but Mariners’ focus remains the same: Develop the youngsters”). We have no minor leagues to build toward the majors, and there’s the possibility of bringing the rookies up facing major-league pitching too early and ruining them. (Think Mike Zunino, and others).

Traveler W (online comment)

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