Needs to interest younger fans

The NFL is a flashy, nationwide sensation. Superstars like Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes are known around the world. And all the hype culminates on Sunday night, with increased marketing, all-day TV coverage, tailgating, fireworks, fighter jets, and pop stars singing.

But right now, baseball isn’t America’s pastime; it’s a baby-boomer pastime.

Nine innings are an interminable three-plus hours. More importantly, MLB hasn’t created enough hype around the big games.

We need Sunday Night (or any other night) Baseball with sports commentators spending the week hyping up the matchup. We need to create a new generation of baseball lovers that will be around to watch the Mariners when they get good again.

Theo Shouse, junior at Roosevelt High School


Hurry up

Successfully running the ball always opens up the pass game. I won’t miss Brian Schottenheimer’s failure to have the plays ready when needed as opposed to calling timeouts — it happened every game.

Steve Grappo, Seattle

Poor pattern

Defenses figured out that if you could take away DK, that Russell was not going through his progressions quickly, and the routes for the other receivers were not well designed (“Russell Wilson on what happened to Seattle’s offense in 2020: ‘I think we got a little bit passive’”).


As a result, Russ would look to DK first, once he saw that option was covered he would look to Lockett or Moore, but they were through their routes. Then Russ would scramble. And eventually throw the ball over the head of someone, away, or get sacked.

MDMiller19 (online comment)


Night games

The reason that many in the sports world rate Pac-12 football at the bottom of the five power conferences is because the recently ousted commissioner Larry Scott’s TV contract acquiesced to the networks, scheduling most games too late.

TV viewership was minimal.

Bob Coyle, Clyde Hill

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