Bold concept: the Bills are better

After days of reading the post-mortem on the Seahawks game, attributing the loss in Buffalo to various causes, along with prognostications on what it’s going to take to avert potential doom, there’s ONE glaring omission: perhaps the Buffalo Bills are just a better team, were better prepared and executed well?

Just a thought.

Debbie Terwilliger, Bothell

Poor defense

Why does Ken Norton Jr. still have a job in the NFL? He was bad with the Raiders and has been worse year after year with the Seahawks. If Pete won’t fire him, maybe it’s time for him to go as well.

Eric Peterson, Seattle

Maybe Quinn

Our defense gets worse every week. The more All-Pros we have, the worse the defense plays. It’s setting records. It’s time for Pete to let coach Norton go.

Dan Quinn, are you out there?

Kate Carlstedt

Russ burned the meal

Sorry folks, the MVP talk can stop now. An MVP does not turn the ball over four times in one game.

Bruce Clark


Why watch?

As a lifelong Husky fan, I am disappointed in the Pac-12 and the school administrators. If it is unsafe for students to be in in-person classes, how can it be safe for football players to butt heads on the gridiron?

Of course, most of the kids want to play. This is the time for the adults to show up and make a tough choice to protect the “student-athletes.”


I will be quarantining myself from watching Pac-12 football this year.

Darryl Robbins

Off and on

Welp, if they play a few games this season, good. At least they tried. If they have to cancel games, so be it. That’s to be expected in a COVID season.

sugi (online comment)

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