Wilson needs to stay and play

Larry Stone penned three possible outcomes to Russell Wilson’s offseason journey with the Seahawks (Stone: “There are three ways to resolve Wilson’s grievances, and two of them are bad for the Seahawks”).

I can think of a fourth possible option: Play the game with the team you signed on with, in the form of a contract, and stop acting so entitled.

Don Zisette, Langley

Spring Carr sale?

We know there is a need to evolve every year to stay competitive in the NFL. Star power has a way of fading over time. Mr. Wilson, I would rather run with a used Carr. In team sports, no one guy is indispensable.

Scott Harmon, Kenmore

Describes me too

Russell is chubby and slow now. Other teams know to anticipate his scramble moves. He is well past his prime as a scrambler and needs to reinvent himself.

William Kogut, Olympia

The old days

It seems to me that Russell should think back to the Super Bowl years and what was happening. He was on a rookie contract and there was money to be spent on other positions.

Paul Skoog, Arizona


Relievers only

Taijuan Walker wanted jersey number 00? I am amused by some professional athletes’ preference for that jersey number. “00” is a European symbol for public toilets, frequently seen on highway signs and maps.

Fritz Tonn, West Seattle

Epstein in Seattle?

I’d love to see Theo Epstein here — he’s worked magic in the past with the Sox and Cubs. That said, in each case he had ownership willing to spend to win.

bruin77 (online comment)

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