OK, Boomer

Is it too soon to call this new Seattle defensive backfield the Baby Boomers?

Mike Ligon, Kent

Hear me out

It’s great to have the Sounders, Mariners and Seahawks back on TV. But what is that fake crowd noise in the background?

With no screaming fans in the stands, it would be possible for the first time to hear the full acoustics of these sports. Get rid of the fake crowd noise.

James Robert Deal, Lynnwood

Put that on a shirt

Tom Brady trademarked “TB12” because “crybaby,” “princess” and “cheater” were already taken.

Lance Benedict, Edmonds

Youth sports

Two worlds of competition

During COVID, we are hearing a lot about “equity.”

The local soccer league has postponed its season. But there are club/select soccer teams following guidelines and practicing and playing games.


Little League softball and baseball were canceled. There are club/select baseball and softball teams safely practicing and playing games. Since June, teams have been traveling to Oregon, Idaho, Eastern Washington, Utah and California.

Public school is online. Private schools are holding in-person classes.

Seems to me if you can pay, you can play. Equitable? I don’t think so.

Ann Cygan, Redmond


Gimme a break

OMG! 22-28 record. Six games below .500. Playing “meaningful baseball” (Matt Calkins: “The Mariners are playing meaningful games in September, which makes this season a success”).

Can we lower the bar any lower?

Robert Hardcastle,   Whidbey Island

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