Praise for Wilson

I am inspired by Russell Wilson and what he has done and continues to do as a role model in our community and nation. He demonstrates excellence, diligence and positivity on the field and off. We are hard pressed to find such characteristics among our so-called celebrities today. I watch the Seahawks because I am continually amazed and thrilled by the way they often come back to win under stress.

Nancy Baron, Seattle

Go for it!

So why can’t we go inches for a first down? Why did the coach elect to kick, allowing the Rams to score, when the defense was struggling?

Stop blaming the players.

Catherine Burke

Chef’s special

I’ve always enjoyed Russell’s “cooking,” but his recent habit of serving turnovers was making me sick. Will someone please tell him to change the game-day menu? (Ed.: it appears bird was on the menu Thursday night, and was cooked decently, not too dry.)

Mel Nason, Lynnwood


Coach’s contract

As a Sounders season-ticket holder since 2009, I love this team. Yes, coach Brian Schmetzer deserves a new, long-term deal, and hopefully it’s in the planning. Another reason I love and appreciate this coach: He is always wearing his mask! As a retired nurse, I so appreciate his caring for his staff and team’s health.

Mary Kathryn Myers, Kent


2018 refund

This week we learned that Robinson Cano has been suspended for the entire 2021 season due to PED use. Bottom line: All these cheaters care about is the money that they are making, so why don’t we hit them in their wallets?

In my opinion, the 2018 Mariners’ season-ticket holders should present a class-action lawsuit against Cano as they were denied a full season of his services due to his selfish, cheating ways. Their entertainment dollar was cut short.

Gus Kiss

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