About that late $100,000 pass

That’s awesome (“Russell Wilson called the Seahawks’ garbage-time pass to David Moore to earn Moore a $100,000 bonus”). I enjoyed watching it — the confusion of the announcers and the chuckling expression on Pete Carrol’s face were fantastic.

Sea68 (online comment)

Bonding power

And this is the sort of thing that will make players work a bit harder and pull it together for their QB and team.

Arzurama (online comment)

If you could buy a ticket …

Can we perhaps purchase tickets to watch only the second half of Hawks games? The team too often shows up in its street clothes for the first two quarters.

Bob Graham, Union


What’s wrong?

Watching the UW men’s basketball team is painful. I wonder why things don’t click, and I think it’s a combination of several factors. First, every offensive play has to go through Quade Green when he is on the court. Defenses know that.

Nate Pryor plays at too fast of a pace for the other players, while Nate Roberts plays at too slow of a pace.

There is no rhythm when they are on the court together. Hameir Wright seems to disappear. Of the 17 players on the roster, five are transfers from other programs trying to learn a new system, five are bench players who rarely play, and four are sophomores still learning the system. It is a dysfunctional mix of styles no matter who is on the floor.

Tom Wilson


ESPN hoards the games

Where was college football on TV? Mostly on ESPN. As one who relies on his antenna, I have decided to protest my inability to watch this year’s bowl games by withholding any donations to Stanford and the UW, both of which have awarded me degrees, until I can watch NCAA football on the networks.

Frank Logan, Ocean Park

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