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We have Paul Allen’s money and this is the best we can do? (“Report: Seahawks to hire Brian Schottenheimer as offensive coordinator”) Ugh. What a totally depressing hire. Bring Bevell back. He at least had exciting offenses in Minnesota. This guy has a long history of being a tedious failure. What a crappy and depressing hire.

LordTdown (online comment)

Protect the players

I no longer have interest in watching the NFL — but it’s not due to players’ social or political displays. It’s the violence and resulting permanent injury to the players.

Fred Struck, Kent

Maybe Carroll is getting past prime?

As head coach and executive vice president, this is Pete Carroll’s gig. He is the one who keeps putting together this dismal offensive line and insisting it’s NFL ready. Carroll created this culture of penalties. He is the architect of these dismal first halves. He made Bevell and Cable untouchable.

It is possible that at age 66 he could be losing his edge.

Ron van der Veen, Seattle

Bennett returns

Here’s betting that Michael Bennett will be back with the Seahawks next year, playing on a one-year contract at a reduced rate. Based on his 2017 performance, he’s slowing down and beat up.

I really like Bennett, but if he leaves Seattle he’ll be in the same boat as Colin Kaepernick — unemployed.

Mark Stratton, Bothell

Stud running back

The Seahawks need to use their first-round draft pick on a horse (running back). There are at least five quality horses available.

No more ponies. We need a horse. Horses win races.

Tom Wilson, Seattle


In this together

After watching the Huskies for many years in disappointment, my observation is that the Huskies are now playing like a TEAM instead of like five really talented players who have never met each other (“Analysis: The difference between Mike Hopkins’ Huskies and Lorenzo Romar’s? It’s the defense”). Good job, coach.

Jim Corbett (online comment)

Miles ahead

I’m not missing the days when Cyler Miles was our best option (Larry Stone: “With transfer Jacob Eason, Huskies would have embarrassment of QB riches”).

user1101124 (online comment)

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