Adjusting a plan

It was wondrous how deftly Eric Bieniemy and the Kansas City Chiefs made a successful in-game adjustment to deal with Buffalo’s attempt to sit back in a cover-two defense. And it makes Seahawk fans wonder why their departed OC could not work that out in six weeks.

Chris Fruitrich, Lakewood

Needed energy

All four conference championship teams playing last Sunday had fans at their home fields for the season. 12s make a difference.

Karl Leaverton, Blakely Island

Hank Aaron

Baseball’s top legend passes

Thank you, Larry Stone, for your piece on the passing of, arguably, the greatest sportsman in American history (“Stone: Baseball great Hank Aaron is gone, but his legacy and dignity will last forever”). I will never forget the impatience and excitement that hurried the 15 year-old me home to find out what Hank had done in his charge into baseball immortality all through ‘73 and then early into the season of ‘74. I had settled on Babe Ruth as the greatest player of all time. That said, when ranking the greatest person, history will shout Hank Aaron. Hank, you proved all things are possible and you did it with unparalleled class and courage.

Randall Jahraus, Kent

Stone path

Larry usually hits the nail right on the head with his writing, and his poignant and heartfelt tribute to Hammerin’ Hank was amongst his very finest columns, which is really saying something. Aaron was a national treasure; Stone is our own local treasure.

Bronson Swanson, Seattle


New voice

I watch a fair amount of NHL hockey on TV, and John Forslund is my favorite play-by-play announcer. He’s smooth with a pleasant voice, knows the players and the game well, and keeps his announcing up with the game’s fast pace.

I commend the Kraken for selecting this consummate professional and look forward to the team’s debut in October.

Dave Dressel, Olympia

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