Defense on rise?

We needed some repeatable effort to demonstrate that the defense is making a comeback. The last two games, and the second half against the Rams, were helpful. We still have a ways to go before I’m convinced.

SageRiver (online comment)


Running game was lacking

The persistent and mostly unsuccessful UW runs up the middle were irritating to watch as the game against Utah wore on, particularly when the few runs at the edges met with more success. It was difficult to understand why the Dawgs kept beating their heads against the wall in this way. (Ed.: no Richard Newton was probably a factor.)

In any case, Dylan Moore pulled off a Russell Wilson-like game-winning drive as time was running out for an amazing win.

Dave Podoll, Lake Forest Park

Dawg Twist

In a scenario Charles Dickens might have imagined, last week was “a tale two teams.” In a best of times, the Husky football team turned a 21-point halftime deficit into a three-point win. And in one of the worst of times, the basketball team turned a 14-point halftime deficit into a 34-point loss.

Raymond S. Wilson, Bellevue

Watch Sadler

Hope this young woman does more than just talk with Kelsey Plum, like maybe she can beat Kelsey’s records (“Freshman Tameiya Sadler already shining bright for undefeated Husky women. But this is just the start.”)

If the rest of this recruiting class even comes close to Sadler, it will be a fun season.

Husky69 (online comment)


Tired of the rebuild

Quick news flash, we have Jerry Dipoto on our side. Any reasoning is moot on trading for Blake Snell. Dipoto has the Mariner brass convinced he is rebuilding. It’s been three years, and we still suck and have zero hope. Mariner fans are sick of “competing” and “rebuilding.” Start by getting rid of Dipoto and then bring in big names and players who want to win. Now.

Drew McGougan, Seattle

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