There’s no I in Clowney

Let’s rewind the clocks. The 2013 Seahawks pass rush was made up of depth, not a lone, big-name pass rusher who ate up cap space. Studying history is important.

Alex Soriano, Vashon Island

The Groz

Voice of reason

I applaud Larry Stone for his insightful column on Dave Grosby, a true Seattle treasure (“Friends, colleagues rally around Seattle broadcasting legend Grosby as he fights Parkinson’s disease”). Groz’s viewpoints are genuine and meaningful, and when he talks, I listen.

Tom Likai, Shoreline


Game has gone down hill

Do we still need baseball? Blake Snell’s insanely selfish remarks about insisting on getting his full salary despite the nation’s medical trauma reifies the extent to which rapacious agents, players’ greed, the abuse of free agency, and owners’ egos have decimated loyalty in MLB.

Team? One is as good as another, or better if it offers a more lucrative contract.

Fans? They are anonymous.

Enough! No, we don’t need baseball.

Michael Shurgot, Seattle

Not essential

I used to be proud of such a successful MLB pitcher being from Washington. Not any more. His requirement to “get his” is an offense to all essential workers. They would be happy to make his reduced salary and unlike him, they are putting their lives on the line.

My daughter is an RN at a local hospital. She risks her life every day she goes to work.

Kathy Soltis

Sees a pattern

I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest my whole life. I have learned there is one constant: The Seattle Mariners will purchase just enough talent to call themselves a major-league team, knowing devoted fans will unfailingly file into the ballpark, talking about ERAs and batting averages, only to watch the team finish out of the playoff hunt again and again.

Once a season is over, Mariner ownership can be counted on to issue another in a long series of statements promising they have some “great young talent coming up.”

With the exception of a few teams, that’s been the story of the franchise.

The Mariners don’t care if they win.

Bill Elliott, Gig Harbor


National champs

Hooray for our UW football guys (“Huskies post highest Academic Progress Rate score in FBS history”). Hurrah for Coach Pete. … What happened to our UW basketball players?

Char Friis, Bellevue

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