Wilson has a right to complain

I’m an older lady, well in truth … an old lady. I grew up watching soccer. I know almost nothing about American football. I started watching around the time Russell Wilson came to Seattle.

The guy plays hard. With passion. The guy is always running for his life.

And then I read in a Times poll that over 40% believe he is a whiner! What would these people do differently if they were him? Stand there and be pummeled, or would they plead for help?

Zenkosi Zulu, Seattle

Poor planning

So the Seahawks seem to believe their O-line is in good shape based on Pete Carroll’s ever-positive comments. Yet, their $27 million asset keeps getting pounded. How about we look at the O-line coaching? Time to switch up the schemes.

Chris Whitmyre, Burien

Mirer years

I don’t think there’s anyone in Seattle who is happy merely to have a .500 record (Bob Condotta: “Analysis: Why the Bears reportedly offering the kitchen sink for Russell Wilson wasn’t enough for the Seahawks”). But hope springs eternal when you have a Hall of Fame quarterback.

And we already know what life is like when Rick Mirer is the QB.


Ragtop (online comment)


Ready for a return to some normalcy

Sami Reynolds has always been fun to watch on offense AND defense (“How ice cream and an inspiring note propelled UW softball slugger Sami Reynolds to fulfill her dream”). The success in the Washington softball program starts with the atmosphere created by Heather Tarr and her coaching staff.

I’m eagerly looking forward to the day when I can watch them in person again.

Aloha Rider (online comment)

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