Road warriors

For sale: One football stadium (aka The Clink). Slightly used, good condition. Current occupants, the Seattle Seahawks, have become so successful when playing on the road that they no longer need, or want, a home stadium.

Mel Nason, Lynnwood

Clowney’s hit rough to watch

We all know that pro football, especially, is a brutal game, but the hit on Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz by Jadeveon Clowney was no accident. That was as cheap a shot as I have ever seen in any football game.

Don Curtis, Stanwood

Good, bad, ugly

Most of the time, throughout the history of the NFL, “winning ugly” is what winning in the postseason is all about. (Larry Stone: “Can the Seahawks keep winning ugly? Can they beat the Packers? They’ll have to play better than this”) Keep going Hawks!

roberto27 (online comment)


Good riddance, coach Leach

Bye Mike, now you can wear your purple shirts. You never understood what it is to be a Coug. The Apple Cup — “just another game” — it is not, never has been, it’s THE game, the ONLY game, and having lost the last seven it proves it. Stubborn, head strong, and in many instances just plain wrong. Good riddance. We can do better.

Marshall Weiss

Thinking man

Though I hate to admit it, I’m going to miss the guy. Not for football reasons, but for his bizarre storytelling.

Creig Hamstad, Kenmore

Poor sport

Matt Calkins writes that Mike Leach “will prove to be a tough act to follow.” Indeed. It’ll be tough to find another coach (hopefully) who will shame his players by calling them fat, dumb, soft and entitled. Now I can root for the Cougs again.

Ed Rankin, Seattle


Quade Green, student athlete

Memo to Coach Hopkins: Next time you get a transfer from Kentucky, or anywhere else, make sure he understands that he has to attend class if he wants to play.

Roger Carlstrom, Yakima

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