Protecting Russ should be priority

What’s this nonsense about shifting to the running game, Pete? The problem has been obvious to all of us for years. It’s the offensive line! Any errors in Russ’s passing game are because of your inability to provide protection. Even a superhuman gets worn down. If you can’t fix it, your legacy will be tarnished in the eyes of Seattle fans when they recognize you squandered a Hall of Fame quarterback and a Seattle football dynasty.

Bob Webber, Sammamish

Slowing down?

Russell is immobile and can’t seem to see his receivers anymore. It’s agonizing to watch him hold the ball in the pocket for an eternity. Aaron Rodgers picked apart the same Rams defense which Russell managed to make look like the old Legion of Boom.

user6757 (online comment)


No go-to guy

It’s midseason and coach Hopkins can’t figure out the same starting lineup. Each game one or two players do the scoring, while the other team has four or five starters in double figures.

This what happens when you play in the Pac-12 conference with a Big Sky roster. Too many travelers and transfers on the roster. The Husky staff has got to figure out a way to recruit and keep the local talent.

Ron Siegel, Kent

Just skip it

There’s good news and bad news regarding Husky basketball this year. The bad news is that I miss going to Husky games. The good news is that we can’t go to Husky games.

Raymond S Wilson, Bellevue


Buy and sell

How about having Steve Ballmer as the owner of the Seattle expansion NBA franchise? It would be a push for him as he could get a premium price for the Clippers in the SoCal sports market. Then Seattle gets one of the best owners in the NBA.

Matt Daly, Lynnwood

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