Russell is the team’s centerpiece

As a lifelong Seahawks fan, may I please offer up that Russell Wilson is one of the most exciting quarterbacks ever. Give him what he wants. Let him create. If he goes, I go, and I imagine lots of others. Why is this even a conversation?

Chris West, Los Angeles

Opposite view

I’ve been a season-ticket holder since 1976. I’ve seen a lot of experiments with QBs of all shapes and sizes, and abilities to boot.

Russell Wilson is talented, but we were also very lucky to get a competitor at the top of his game at such a young age. The reality is simple: The grounded, focused, directed Wilson is a distant memory.

Peter Richards

Hate to lose him

I am really tired of the assault on Russell Wilson. His frustration is real, and he has done nothing but break records and bring the Seahawks to a high level. His community efforts have earned him the coveted Walter Payton award. He wants to win, but he can’t do it alone. We could lose him for a bad draft pick and watch him go to the Super Bowl with another team.

Mia Merendino, Ellensburg


After Junior

Yes, Ken Griffey Jr. was a great ballplayer and certainly Seattle’s best ever. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the Mariners’ best seasons, when they made the playoffs in back-to-back years (2000-2001), came after Junior chose to check out for Cincinnati in 1999.

Ron Bland, Issaquah


We noticed

The NCAA should not be excused for the disparity between the men’s and women’s training and workout facilities for March Madness. A photo of the women’s pyramid of 10 weights says it all. Was this due to a “maybe no one will notice” philosophy? Well, it has been noticed.

Time to never have it happen again.

Pat Borchers, Seattle

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