We need a breather

Covering sports is one thing. Pounding it to death is another. Example: Russell Wilson. Article after article reviewing his Seahawks status is based on speculation, rumor, and other sources.

He may leave, and if he does we fans have had many thrilling moments watching him.

Henry Thompson, Seattle

Guarding Russell

Make up your mind Seahawks: do you want Russell Wilson to pass or not? If you want him to pass a lot, then PROTECT him. Did you notice that Tom Brady always has three or four guys protecting him?

If you don’t want Russell to pass, then just run the ball all the time. (Which I think Pete prefers to do anyway.)

I’m tired of seeing Russell pounced on. Let’s preserve Russell’s health as he is worth it to all of us.

Laurel Slaninka, Sultan


Revolving door

Some transfers don’t hurt so much, but this one does (“Puka Nacua becomes latest UW Huskies wide receiver to enter the transfer portal”). After Ty Jones left, Nacua might well have been their best receiver. This trend is getting concerning, but let’s remember there have been quarterbacks and receivers transferring in also.


Husky69 (online comment)


Seager deserves a winner

If Kyle performs this year like he did to get his current contract (Ryan Divish: “‘You just want to win’: Kyle Seager reflects on his career with the Mariners, being ‘overpaid’ and more”), the M’s would be crazy to just say goodbye — in other words, entirely expected. I’m not aware of a third-base prospect that’s anywhere close to being ready for the majors.

Wherever he plays next year, I hope Seager’s with a team that at least makes the playoffs. A World Series would be great. He deserves the chance.

YourMileageMayVary (online comment)

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