Thanks for the memories

I wanted to thank your sports team for sharing their personal stories (Last Sunday: “As the sports world gradually returns from the coronavirus shutdown, we share what the games and moments mean to us”). This is the type of journalism that separates a great local paper from the endless stream of sports “news” in the world today. We need more of this type of content and less of the rankings, top 10 lists, and sensational clickbait articles. It’s articles like this that make paying for my subscription to The Seattle Times so worth it.

Geoff Baker’s story personally resonated with me, as I was a senior at West Point on 9/11 and I had the opportunity to hold the U.S. flag in center field prior to the start of Game 3 of the 2001 World Series. Baker’s story brought back a flood of emotions and memories of this time and especially the positive impact baseball had on our country.

Keep up the great work.

Danny Finan, Newcastle



On Monday, l heard former Seahawk Ray Roberts talk about the Black experience in America. One thing he said caught me. He explained how he has to be aware of his actions in advance, no matter how innocuous. He needs to appear overly friendly and harmless to prevent strangers from misinterpreting his behavior as threatening.

Tom Likai, Shoreline


Just maybe Colin Kaepernick was right all along.

Robert Hardcastle, Whidbey Island


Who’s essential?

I worked in manufacturing steel products and airplanes for more than 40 years and the highest performance raise was 5.1%, so it is with a very heavy heart to see UW football coaches getting raises of 9.5, 20, 27 and in one case 50% pay increases while laying off and furloughing medical staff.

Jerry Dodson, Seattle

High schools

Uplifting news

One of the most pleasurable articles I’ve read in the last three months. Thank you Jayda Evans (“For teen soccer star from Malawi, getting stuck in Seattle amid coronavirus pandemic has silver lining”).

Best of luck to Lughano Nyondo and Ruby Settle in pursuing their dreams, with a special friend to support them.

Mileage May Vary (online comment)


This is awesome and thank you for the story. I wanted to mention that we have a strong Malawian community here in Seattle. There’s also a Malawian organization called Malawi Seattle Association (MSA) and it is part of another larger organization of African community leaders called Washington State Coalition of African Community Leaders.

Nyasulu (online comment)

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