As someone who works in health care this is a sore point with me. We still hear of areas that can’t get enough tests yet somehow these pro and now college athletic programs seem to have enough tests to test every athlete, coach, support staff member DAILY?

Dixie in Seattle (online comment)

Season is on, but what will happen?

I’m glad at least some semblance of a season is back. However, the Pac-12 leadership is a complete joke. As always, it waits until the Big Ten decides to do something. What if a 7-0 Oregon, Washington or USC wins the conference? Is it going to get in the College Football Playoffs over a 9-1 Alabama?

user1465 (online comment)

Still not normal

A return to normalcy would be all people being able to return to work and school. Being able to go shopping for groceries without having to wear a mask. Being able to hug your friends, hang out in large group gatherings. This isn’t part of a return to normalcy, this is a return to nonessential entertainment (Matt Calkins: “Pac-12’s vote to play gives sports’ return to normalcy another victory”).

I Got Next (online comment)


Get out the vote

Thanks for Ryan Divish’s story about the Mariners and voting. What’s appalling is that so many of the age 20-something athletes who are vocal about the real injustices we see weren’t registered to vote in the first place.

Don Glickstein, Seattle


Not in his corner

Nicolas Lodeiro is a hardworking, effective member of the Seattle Sounders. He’s also the team captain. But what in the world is he doing taking all the corner kicks? He’s terrible at them. Only about one out of three clear the first defender and allow for at least a chance at a goal. We have a much better option right there on the field — Joao Paulo.

Ed Waldock, Seattle

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