Best moment

Hydro legend worth a spot

Seattle’s greatest sports moment occurred in 1950 when Stan Sayres won the Gold Cup, and brought it to Seattle in 1951 (Last Sunday and online, “The Best Seattle Sports Moment Bracket game”).

He ignited true excitement in a city that had no major-league teams in any sport. In our minds, it put Seattle on the map, beginning what would evolve into our Seafair festival.

Dave Laster, Bellingham

Hoop dreams

It is apparent The Seattle Times sports staff is too young. You should remember Seattle U’s 1952 victory over the Harlem Globetrotters or Seattle U playing Kentucky in the finals of the 1958 NCAA tournament. I suggest those were worthy of being in the top 32. (Editor: Fair or not, we limited the 32 moments to roughly the past 40 years. And we still feel old.)

Robert Kilian, Bellevue

Building out the list

It’s too bad you didn’t have a field of 64. Just for the sake of discussion, here are a few items I thought were at least as worthy:

• Seattle Metropolitans win the Stanley Cup (1917)

• Huskies’ back-to-back Rose Bowl wins in 1960 and 1961

• Tom Chambers wins MVP of the 1987 NBA All-Star game in the Kingdome

• UW softball wins a national championship in 2009

• Led by locals Courtney Thompson (Kentlake) and Christal Morrison (Puyallup), the UW volleyball team sweeps No. 1 Nebraska to win the championship in 2005. UW swept every opponent in the tournament.

• The 50th MLB All-Star game is held in the Kingdome. Bruce Bochte of the Mariners hits a pinch-hit single for a 6-5 lead.

Matt Withee, Marysville


On Kaepernick

Pete Carroll says he’s sorry he and the Seahawks didn’t give Colin Kaepernick a chance. I say so what? When they had the opportunity to do the right thing, they showed cowardice.

Richard Ellenberger, Normandy Park

How about that team name?

I would challenge the NFL to take one immediate, simple, concrete and essential step if they hope to have any credibility whatsoever on matters of race. How about changing the name of a certain team based in Washington, D.C., whose mascot is so patently offensive and racist that The Seattle Times, thankfully, refuses to print it?

This is long overdue, by decades.

Rick Kosterman, Seattle

Second chance? Try eighth

The story on Josh Gordon (“Reports: Former Seahawks WR Josh Gordon officially applies to NFL for reinstatement”) caught my interest. His suspension late last season for drug usage was a huge disappointment to Seattle fans. One can only imagine what a difference he could have made in our playoff run.

The story includes speculation the Seahawks may be interested if his suspension is lifted. A budding redemption story! Who wouldn’t favor a second chance? Later in the article we learn this is Gordon’s seventh suspension in the last five years.


Roger Trepanier, Redmond

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