New NIL rules will be a windfall

This is going to be a mess (Mike Vorel: “The name, image and likeness era is here for college athletes; UW athletics says it’s ready”). I am definitely for college athletes getting their fair share of the pie. My problem is with the way they are implementing it.

It will be like it was in the 60s. Colleges/boosters will basically pay the five-star recruits to go to their school. Universities like USC will be the largest beneficiaries.

In five years they will be trying to reign in something that is totally out of control.

prodigal dawg (online comment)

What about school?

As the difference between amateur and professional sports grows ever dimmer, I can’t help but wonder if the college sports that I love will survive. Maybe it was naiveté on my part, but the thought of kids getting scholarships to further their education and help them achieve a better life was a reason that I loved college sports. Some even played because they loved the game, or the school, and some played because they enjoyed the competition.

I think it all started with the one-and-dones of college basketball and it’s been downhill ever since.

Don Curtis, Stanwood

Booster seats

So will recruiting trips include meeting potential boosters and hearing about their offers? This just doesn’t feel right.


A simple profit-sharing pool would have made more sense.

Big Bang (online comment)


Pen’s Montero makes messes

I don’t know what Rafael Montero has on Scott Servais but it must be good because he keeps using him despite all the games he’s cost them.

Mostly Servais has done a remarkable job with the Mariners pitching staff this year, but as soon as Montero comes in, I turn off the TV. He can’t handle any pressure and belongs in the minors or strictly as a mop-up pitcher.

Spencer Cuthbert

Kikuchi for an All-Star spot

He’s looking more and more like an ‘ace’ with every start. Nice to see (Ryan Divish: “Mariners pitcher Yusei Kikuchi deserves All-Star consideration, even if his 2021 stats aren’t completely eye-popping”). He and J.P. Crawford deserve All-Star spots.

Quackhead (online comment)

Santiago punished for rosin in glove

When you get pulled over by a cop and you say you didn’t realize that what he pulled you over for was illegal, the usual response is “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” (Larry Stone: “Hector Santiago’s suspension is more about MLB making a point than brazen cheating.”)

So if you are a pitcher and tripped in the on deck circle and accidentally got pine tar on your hand — that would be OK? It was never the pitcher’s intention!

Holy Roller (online comment)


Turning away during anthem

Competing for your country is an honor and a privilege, and to disrespect the flag and country by turning away from the flag on the medal stand during the national anthem is a disgrace to both the person and our country. Gwendolyn Berry should be ashamed. I agree with her right to do that, but if her hate is that strong, compete somewhere else.

Paul Skoog, Arizona

On Berry

Gwen Berry is a disgrace to America. If she cannot respect the flag, she shouldn’t be representing the USA in the Olympic Games.

Judy Lacey, Bothell

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