NFL draft

UW’s Eason falls to fourth round

A disappointing outcome for Eason (Matt Calkins: “Jacob Eason fell in the NFL draft. So did the QB make a mistake by leaving UW early?”). A player with a lot of gifts, watching him play last season was painful because I kept waiting for the explosion of his talent that never came.

I hope he figures it out and embraces the work.

agentmick (online comment)


Jacob Eason was just another quarterback in a long line of UW Husky PR hype machine victims aided by Seattle Times sportswriter bozos.

As Eason showed when it was game time, he was overhyped and overrated.

B Commercial (online comment)

Not seeing it yet

Within 60 seconds of witnessing the 2015 Super Bowl result, on the most braindead playcall in Seahawks history, and a dynasty stillborn, I said to the older folks in my group, “We will never again see the Seahawks in the Super Bowl in our lifetimes.”

And, while on occasion the team has played above its talent level, given the most recent draft picks, there is little risk my prognostication will be contradicted anytime soon.

Tom Conom


Empty stands don’t matter

I hope professional athletes in MLS, NFL, and MLB will compete no matter what the attendance is. They are at their level because they are competitors. In these unprecedented times, anyone in the stands watching does not matter. They need be back moving, grooving, striving and achieving.

Gary Hunter, Seattle


A good read

Something drew me to Rick Lund’s wonderful story about Bob Rule.

Except for the occasional short article on my way to the funnies, I rarely read the sports page, yet Lund’s piece caught my attention and kept me intellectually and emotionally involved all the way to the end. It is beautifully written, and even though I didn’t come to Seattle until after Rule had left, I found myself fascinated with Lund’s efforts to find and interview him.

The only thing I didn’t like about the article was learning that Lund was retiring. Bummer, that. (Editor: we feel the same).

Patt Schwab, Seattle

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