Not a minor issue for towns

The first MLB game I ever attended was here in Seattle. But 20 years prior, I attended my first minor-league game in Charleston, West Virginia, my beloved home state.

I happily saw these two cities and teams joined in 2019 when the West Virginia Power became a Class A affiliate of the Mariners. This relationship was officially terminated on Friday.

This profit-driven reorganization, which has been rightly described as “a disaster for baseball fans, workers, and communities” by Bernie Sanders, could see the loss of millions of dollars to affected cities. There is still time to advocate for the continued existence of these teams, or at least for a more just transition.

Clayton Lane, Tacoma

Sonics Guy

RIP to a favorite fan

I was lucky enough to have known Kris for nearly 30 years (Matt Calkins: “Loss of Kris Brannon, aka ‘Sonics Guy,’ leaves big hole in Seattle sports fandom”). I met him when he was a lanky high-school kid with a gift for making folks around him laugh and feel good, an aspect of his personality he never lost.

He really was as nice of a guy as he is being remembered. It is truly tragic that Kris will not get to see his beloved Sonics return to Seattle.

Thank you for this kind article about a good man, great friend, and superfan who will be deeply missed.


Observer12 (online comment)


No wonder Russ is irritated

Wow, just wow.

Russell Wilson says one thing about his offensive line and he’s being vilified. If Tom Brady had to play behind the Seahawks’ OL the last four years we wouldn’t even be talking about him now. The only thing that has kept Russell still physically intact is his ability to avoid rushes in almost every single game in the past decade.

He also had to deal with the most boring and predictable game plan in the league.

If I was Russell, I would say enough is enough and move on.

Randy Fillingim, Seattle

Trade him?

Please Hawks, find a way to leave little Russ in the rear view mirror. Pete Carroll made Wilson and now Mr. 5-10 feels it’s all about him. Russ is vastly overrated.

Jon Luxury

Back off

Don’t be so hard on Russell. Sure, he got sacked plenty. But having to consistently throw while harried or off-balance is no picnic either.

Lew Witham, Seattle

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