On that “Wooooo!” lady in the stands: Yeah, it was like the days pre-Griffey when Texas would come to town and a tiny crowd roamed the Kingdome. Every echoing syllable from those individual loud fans came straight through.

concorde2 (online comment)

At the park

Great to be in the ballpark and see a come-from-behind win Thursday. But spending way too much time in concession lines detracted from the fun. The Mariners need to solve that pronto; 30-40 people in line ahead of you translates to many minutes of not seeing the game. Bring back the quick kiosks.

gracehoff (online comment)


Sinking feeling

I am a 1955 graduate of the University of Washington and a huge Husky basketball fan. I’m saddened to see how far Husky basketball has fallen. When you see the terrific talent of a small school (Gonzaga) across the state, and the awful lack of talent on the Huskies, it makes me ill. And now many of their players are leaving the sinking ship. Husky Nation deserves better.

Dick Rose, Newcastle

NCAA tourney

Wrong Wilson

How many times do the TV cameras need to focus on Russell Wilson when Anna Wilson is in the basketball game for Stanford? There was one Wilson in the building worth watching and she was on the court.

Larry Barton, Kirkland


On 17 games

Big surprise the NFL owners approved a 17-game season. Their shortsighted revenue goal is at the expense of the players. The quality of the game is preferable to the quantity.

Guy Kelly, Blaine

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