Youth injection

The ludicrous fact that two teams have already been no-hit just past the quarter pole of this season, speaks to an issue far beyond some rash scrutiny of the Mariners.

Big league baseball is simply a heavily pitching-dominant enterprise right now. The Mariners are but one of several MLB teams filling out the bottom half of their lineups with Mendoza liners and worse.

Lew Witham, Seattle

Plenty of hope

After three games of dismal hitting against Detroit, Scott Servais said we have to get back to using the whole field. My question is, why do they have to get “back” to that. It should be what is preached all of the time. I promise you it works a lot better than “controlling the zone” which is working at all!

Leroy Miller, Bellevue


New commish, new strategies

The Pac-12 just needs to bring in eight schools the size of Eastern Washington so they can have an easier conference schedule like the SEC and not just beat each other up. I only half joke (Mike Vorel: “Here’s how new Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff plans to fix the conference’s greatest weakness”).

user1064 (online comment)

Late games

They need to stop cowering to FOX and ESPN — let them find other teams to play at 8 p.m. on Saturday night. Larry Scott would schedule the Huskies to play late Saturday, then have them play a top team like Oregon on the road the next week at 12:30.

mrtrue (online comment)

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