It might take awhile to right the ship

Let’s assume both make it as All-Stars (Larry Stone: “Thursday’s Kelenic/Gilbert debuts showed glimpses of what the Mariners’ rebuild could be and just how far it has to go”). And, let’s also say that two or three others among this group make MLB in a big way. That is the most optimistic assumption I can make.

The 1989 Mariners were loaded with great young talent. Edgar. Junior. Randy. Omar. Buhner. As great as that core turned out, it still took until 1995 to produce a playoff team.

And, by 1995 a serious manager was in place.

Seattle has a very long road ahead to being the least bit credible.

ARM (online comment)

Pujols? Meh ….

The M’s should pick up Albert Pujols. We could use a first baseman who can probably add 85 points to Evan White’s batting average, with a third more RBI.

Give Evan White some seasoning in Triple-A.

Pete Engquist


After two stellar outings by Yusei Kikuchi, only to have them ruined by journeyman relievers, I’ve about had it. We need a bullpen that can throw strikes, not walk in runs.

Dick Bowne, Redmond


Great job, Kenny

I think I’ll speak for many that not having Seattle’s Kenny Mayne on our TV screens at ESPN — there will be a void almost unexplainable. He brought a new, quirky way to his craft.


And to all the other Mayne wannabes, past and present, wishing you good luck means just that.

Creig Hamstad, Kenmore

Get an extra plate

How will he celebrate after his last day there? “We’re going to the Sizzler!”

Rupert27 (online comment)

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