Nice: Santa is a Mariners fan

Thanks to Larry Stone for his article about the cutouts at T-Mobile (Stone: “For many, the Mariners fan cutouts that fill T-Mobile Park are more than just a fun gesture”). It was both fun and inspiring to read why some folks chose to be represented at every game this year.

I’m one of the 13,000 and counting. I’m representing my alter ego, Santa, pictured with four black puppies from the Kitsap Humane Society, where I’ve been Santa Paws for 29 years now and hoping for a 30th this holiday season. Go “stiffs!”

Jeff Berger, Bremerton

Typing terrors

Disgruntled Mariner fans love to write to the Times to accuse ownership of not doing what is necessary to win. People love to complain. When the team finally turns things around and becomes a perennial winner, will these same writers send you letters admitting that management knew what it was doing all along? Not bloody likely.

Tom Likai, Shoreline


Basketball bubble in the Pac-12?

Seems like it would be possible to “bubble-ize” the basketball team, since there’s not that many of them (“Pac-12 could reconsider decision to postpone basketball, but only if certain conditions are met”).

Keep them isolated in their own wings of a dorm, have regular testing, and there’s no reason they couldn’t make it work like the NBA has. Of course all the teams in the conference couldn’t be in one place like the NBA, but they could be bubblie-ized on their own campuses.

Oh man, would I love to see this season happen.

analysand1 (online comment)


ET released

When Earl unfurled the finger, he sealed his fate. Ring of Honor? No, sorry (Matt Calkins: “Earl Thomas’ release from Ravens was an overdue shot of humility for former Seahawk”).

the dufferz (online comment)

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