Low expectations

If I want to watch minor-league players I can go to Everett or Tacoma. The Mariners are trying to convince us we should come to T-Mobile Park and pay full major-league prices to watch minor-league talent. The greedy owners and incompetent general manager have to go. The fans need to boycott all home games this year.

Jeff Garnes

Simple math

Five crucial questions facing the Mariners:

1) What day will they win their 10th game?

2) What day will they win their 20th game?

3) What day will they win their 30th game?

4) What day will they win their 40th game?

5) Will they win 50 games?

Phil Newkirk, Marysville


Recruiting costs are eye-opening

Adam Jude’s reporting showed that Power Five conferences are now spending $50 million per year on recruiting football players. He detailed the University of Washington’s lavish spending on weekend visits by recruits (Jude: “Ice carvings, lavish dinners and limo rides: Inside a successful UW football recruiting weekend”).

It’s time to reform the system.

It is a disservice to young men — and a betrayal of university values — to try to influence young men’s college choice by outrageously splurging on them for one weekend.

Richard McCartan

Wide view

What Adam should include is: 1) no tax money is being spent, 2) the high cost of Seattle food and hotels, and 3) the amount of money the football team generates that funds all of the other sports in the department.

ViciousDawgFan (online comment)

Check, please

But remember, paying the players would starve the athletic department …

readallover (online comment)

Winter sports

Ski doo

Can you please cover more winter sports, including skiing and snowboarding? There are a lot of Northwest folks who are skiers, etc. We get tired of always reading about football, basketball and baseball!

Joy Stewart (former ski racer on the 1990 USA Para-Ski Team)

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