Get it out of your system

Well, it’s the kracken of dawn, and I don’t want this opportunity to fall through the krakens, so I’m kraken down, and kraken the whip, takin’ the first kracken at kraken jokes. It’s a hard nut to kraken, but it’s kraken me up. Hope all the krack heads at the krak house are kraken a smile, cuz you gotta kraken a few eggs to make this omelet. Hope the city isn’t kraken under the strain of all these jokes — or its hockey team’s krakenjack new name. Get kraken, Seattle!

Michael Welch, Sammamish


I can’t express how much I hate this name. I feel like an internet troll is having a big laugh at the expense of Seattle hockey fans.

David Keller, Camano Island


I preferred one of the fish names, but I realize, despite how serious some of us can be about our teams, professional sports have evolved into spectacle. It’s part of the fun of being a fan, so you might as well go all in, and a team named Kraken is a great way to really amp up the craziness. It’s going to be great.

MrBobH (online comment)

Fried up

Calamari vendors over at Pike Place Market are rejoicing!

Calibandawg (online comment)


Washington name

Much appreciation to Larry Stone for his focus on the long overdue issue of the name change of the Washington Redskins, which has been deliberately ignored for years (Stone: “‘It was just elation’: Tribes in Washington celebrate name change in other Washington”). This voice for the voiceless as a civil rights/social justice issue for the Indigenous Native Americans is so valued. This is a giant step forward. It’s a brand new day and this may serve as a springboard for more progress for native peoples.

Erna Lund, Seattle


Sing along

Sung to the tune of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”:

Oh tell … me what the next pitch … is

Tell me what it will be

Will it be high … or will it be low

How hard will the pitcher throw?

Just grab … yourself the nearest trash can

And bang out a code on a lid

Bang it … once … “curve” … two times “fastball”

When the Astros … come … to call!

Jordan Gussin, Vashon

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