Welcome sight among the crowd

The first thing I noticed in your Kraken debut article (“Kraken players, fans revel in excitement generated by start of first training camp”) was the picture of the crowd watching training camp at the Northgate Iceplex and everyone had a mask on. That’s the first time I’ve seen a sports event picture of any kind where everyone was wearing their masks. How refreshing!

The writer said “I’ll bet that if you watched the practice you saw a lot of smiles.” Well, you might have seen smiling eyes of course …

Rosetta Smith, Bothell


Flaws detected in the armor

Reasons for the loss to the Titans: The Hawks’ defensive Achilles heel is the area just behind the linebackers and in front of the safeties. Every upcoming offensive coordinator is salivating.

Then add immature penalties (taunting) and an obvious emotionally-driven late hit on the quarterback.

Where were our tight ends? Last week we used them effectively. Now, one catch all day, and none on the final drive in overtime.

Sure Derrick Henry was a load. But this game should have been won.


Randy Fillingim, Seattle

Lax rules

There were two losses at Lumen Field last Sunday. The greater loss was the one on clear display for a national TV audience — a largely unmasked throng attending the “masks required” game.

Apparently the Seahawks and the Lumen Field leaders feel that requiring masks at an outdoor public gathering is an unenforceable fiction.

It’s tough to win when the 12th Man is on a ventilator.

John R. Scannell, Sammamish


Playoff chase is on

It’s crazy! (“Mariners claw back from early deficit to sweep A’s and gain ground in the wild-card hunt”) How does a team that made almost no moves at the trade deadline sweep a team that went out and made a huge move to get Starling Marte?

Goneyard22 (online comment)

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