Beware you land lubbers as you enter the lair of the Kraken. It can rise up and do terrible hurts. So beware the terrible Kraken.

olypenxsea (online comment)


They took two years to come up with this name? The logo is unimaginative and boring. A team name should pay homage to its city or region. Kraken? Horrible!

Ed Thomas, Enumclaw


We can take a joke

I am an avid reader of the sports page and noticed that in today’s edition, Bob Condotta made no mention of Jadeveon Clowney. Have they broken up after a well-documented relationship? Ed. — what can we say, it’s an unending topic.

Henry Thompson, Broadview


Stiff rules

Glad to be able to watch baseball on TV, even with cardboard cutouts instead of real fans in the park. But I can’t help but wonder — if a cutout interferes with a fielder trying to make a catch, will the cutout be ejected from the stadium?

Steve Rosen, Kirkland


Slo-mo-shun IV a treasure

Thanks for the delightful piece on the emergence of unlimited hydroplane racing in Seattle 70 years ago (Pacific NW mag: “How a lightning-fast hydroplane rocked the boat-racing world and stole Detroit’s thunder”). Your writing and the historic Times’ photos aptly described the development of the fastest boats in the world and the roles of Ted Jones, Stan Sayres and Anchor Jensen. Writer Andrew Muntz also evocatively described the culture of the era — including the hypnotizing effect of the roaring, rooster-tail-spewing boats on kids. Thank you for keeping alive this memorable chapter in Seattle sports history.

Gregg Herrington, Vancouver

Loud and proud

The roar of the hydros. There was no better sound of summer.

Loodlernoodler (online comment)

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