No lead is safe for these Dawgs

It’s painful being a fan of this team (“Huskies searching for answers after blowing another double-digit lead in crushing loss to Utah”).

79champs (online comment)

Pritchard’s steps

In his four-year career at Oregon, Payton Pritchard has helped the Ducks win all four of their regular-season road games against the Huskies at Alaska Airlines Arena. I guess this means that Pritchard travels well. In 2020, he traveled well once again … I just wish the refs had called him for it! Two missed traveling calls late in the game likely made a difference in the final outcome.

Mel Nason, Lynnwood

A shot at the Duck

No, Mr. Pritchard this is not your city, nor is it your court. Your statements are but another classless remark by a University of Oregon athlete. Return to your quaint, provincial Eugene and you can watch replays of the Wheaton video. There isn’t much else to do in town.

Tim McGarry

Making the grade

Was Quade Green’s academic scholarship in question at Kentucky? Are their standards that much less than UW’s that this wasn’t evident? I can’t understand why our coach would consider an athlete that would potentially present such a problem for our team. I really want to know what was done previous to this dismissal to help Green.

Char Friis, Bellevue


Not missing Sherm

If Richard Sherman was in the habit of taunting Russell Wilson at practice, as reported by Matt Calkins (“Did the Seahawks make a mistake by letting Richard Sherman go?”), this goes beyond friendly competition and would be destructive to team chemistry. Like him or dislike him, Wilson is the leader of the team and face of the franchise.

When someone speaks the name Sherman, my first thought is not of a skilled cornerback. It is of someone who threatened to ruin the career of Jim Moore, a reporter who had the nerve to ask a question — a self-important athlete who wanted to put one of the little people in his place.

Tom Likai, Shoreline


Patience thin

With the recent one-two punch of the Mariners’ decision to cancel this year’s FanFest and Felix Hernandez signing a contract with the Atlanta Braves, I’m left to wonder how many more “steps back” this lifelong fan can take.

Andrew Turner, Everett

Please play clean

Imagine being a lifelong, avid, long-suffering Mariners fan experiencing the unbridled joy of winning our first World Series title. Then imagine being deprived of that joy and pride when you find out that title was tainted by cheating. Mariners: PLEASE win the World Series fairly, with honor and integrity.

Phil Etheredge, Woodinville

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