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Pac-12 football

Head trauma is a big factor

I don’t think Jon Wilner could have written a more comprehensive condemnation of football culture if he had tried (Wilner: “Is Pac-12 football hurt by chill attitude of West Coast? Just look at the recruiting talent pool.”)

While the executive director of the California Interscholastic Federation, Roger Blake, cites parental concern about head trauma as the primary factor for declining participation rates in California, Wilner reassures readers that the other five states in the conference don’t seem to be similarly burdened. Wilner describes this as the one “morsel of good news” for the Pac-12, and Oregon State coach Jonathan Smith agrees, decrying the downward trend.

Wilner might consider including the research results on CTE, or interviews with medical experts — or better yet, Tyler Hilinski’s mom.

Sam Pailca, Seattle


Drag Walton up and down the court

Bill Walton, shut up! It has been really annoying to watch the Husky basketball team telecasts on ESPN2, while color commentator Bill Walton occasionally talks about the game, but then mostly distracts by saying whatever happens to come to his mind. There’s a really interesting game going on.

Michael O’Connell, Mukilteo

Pac-12 too weak

Will the Huskies need to win the conference tournament to get into the NCAA tournament? Given the weakness of the conference, the Huskies may well need to. And if they do get into the NCAAs, whatever teams they play there will probably be better than any of the rest of the Pac-12 teams.

Raymond Wilson, Bellevue

Thybulle rules

Matisse is such a stud (Matt Calkins: “Matisse Thybulle, Huskies’ defensive ace, is stealing the show, and lots of basketballs”). A combination of Nate McMillan and the Glove. He is the MVP in my opinion.

Barnaby Jones (online comment)


Into the future

The Mariners need a new, appropriate slogan. How about “wait ‘til next decade”?

Roger Ferleman, Redmond

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