Costello’s choice

Quarterback K.J. Costello to Mississippi State. Hmmm. Mike Leach finally beat UW.

Doug Glant, Mercer Island

Basketball team keeps dropping

This season, the UW men’s basketball team has given us a new meaning for the term “fade away.”

Joe Vucinovich, Redmond

Other Dawgs

Aren’t you tired yet of Huskies fans complaining about Coach Hopkins’ team? If you want to watch a team from Washington state that can beat Oregon or hold a lead, get cable — almost all the Gonzaga games are televised.

Tim O’Connell, Mercer Island


Low expectations

Weeks before spring training starts and the Mariners are lowering fan expectations already. News flash to the M’s: Fan expectations are already as low as they can get. If you don’t make the investment you will not win — ever.

Robert Hardcastle, Whidbey Island

Cashing out

The Mariners canceled FanFest and missed out on the biggest marketing opportunity of the year. I have now decided that me and my buddies George ($1), Thomas ($2), Abe ($5), Alex ($10), Andy ($20), Uly ($50) and Benjamin ($100) will go hang out elsewhere for the season.

Jim Roberts


Watching Sherm

It’s weird. I will always like Richard Sherman, but I never want the Niners to win (Matt Calkins: “Seahawks fans have reasons to celebrate 49ers’ Super Bowl loss”). Based on that, I kind of want him to play poorly so his team will lose, but I don’t hate him. He’s kind of like an ex.

superdull2006 (online comment)

Not this time

I am happy for Richard Sherman and that he will get his wish. He won’t be going to the White House.

Leroy Miller, Bellevue

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