Imitation is flattery, perhaps

There’s a practice in the Northwest of teams building large leads, only to choke in the final minutes and lose. The Cougars have been doing this for years — it’s known as “Couging It.”

Not to be outdone, the Huskies have stolen the idea this year and seem to be turning it into an art form. Their version is called “Dawging It.”

Mel Nason, Lynnwood

Numb me up

Going to schedule my root canal during the next game. Far less painful.

Wanna Bet (online comment)


Name game

It might be nice to laugh at ourselves a little, and call our NHL team the Seattle Freeze.

Eddie Lee, Everett

Local star

Congratulations to Washington native T.J. Oshie for scoring a goal and having an assist in his first game as an NHL All-Star. Watching him achieve another milestone like this in a pretty solid career was wonderful to see.

Jeff Swanson, Everett


Minor issue

Jerry Dipoto said that the Mariners’ success will be measured by how the young players develop. Isn’t that what the minor-league program is for?

Martin Irland, Covington


Bryant left an impact on fan

In the late 1990s, the Lakers would have preseason camp in Honolulu, capped off with a couple of games. I attended one — a real treat as there are no professional sports franchises in the Islands.

Shaq was at the game but did not suit up; Kobe did. Kobe started but much of the game was played by young players just trying to make the roster. Fans were getting restless as they wanted to see the stars. Hey, we paid a lot of money to attend that game! In the second half the fans began chanting “Kobe … Kobe … Kobe.” He came into the game and played really hard. An NBA superstar grinding it out in a preseason game.

A true player for the fans.

Ben Kromm, Port Angeles

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