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Bye week is unfair advantage

Clearly, after the UW/Oregon and Oregon/WSU games, it is glaringly obvious that no team should have a bye before a home game against a divisional rival. That’s a 10-point gift and is punishing both to the opponent and to the Pac-12.

Doug Glant, Mercer Island

Bench the QB?

Coach Petersen needs to make the tough decision — bench Jake Browning! They’re winning against lower-tier teams, but his performance is subpar, unexciting, inconsistent, average. Tough call but necessary. You should expect more from a four-year starter who was in the Heisman Trophy conversation two years ago.

Robert T. Hardcastle

Protect Gaskin

I would like to see more diversity in the plays for Myles Gaskin. Something rather than up the middle or a swing pass — to help keep him from injury. Coach Petersen showed a lot more variety at Boise State.

Catherine Burke, Seattle


A good sport, always

While Pullman basked in the spotlight of ESPN’s first visit to Pullman, recently-retired and legendary voice of the Cougars, Bob Robertson, was curiously missing from the festivities. It didn’t seem right without him, and I’m not even a Cougar fan. Just a Robertson one.

Creig Hamstad, Kenmore

Walking to work

I’ve encountered Coach Leach several times on my morning runs and his walks (“A day with Mike Leach: Unfazed by ESPN hoopla, WSU coach remains inquisitive and eccentric”). He is always talking on his phone. He couldn’t be more gracious as he responds to my “morning Coach” greeting that interrupts his call. Neat story. Thank you.

SWPullman (online comment)


Dream matchup

I would love to see the Sounders and DC United play for the MLS Cup. Wouldn’t that be great? DC was also all but given up for dead and then they signed Wayne Rooney and fought their way up to make the playoffs.

Two teams that were down and out and battled back to make it in.

RktJSquirrel (online comment)

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