Economics of the game

Blake Snell would have benefitted from an economics class or two at the UW. He holds the ridiculous position that he should get his full salary for playing half the season — and that with no fans (Larry Stone: “As MLB negotiations near critical juncture, mutual motivation will be key to saving weird 2020 season”). But the agreed pro ration doesn’t work with no fans and therefore no ticket revenue and no concessions. I’m guessing there was a bit of profit in those $12 beers.

Players that don’t want to play should just sit. Easy enough.

Hopefully the owners realize the potential damage to their franchise value and the players realize playing for less this year will help protect future seasons salaries. But I’m not counting on it.

Boris S Wart (online comment)

To the limit

Look at the bright side: At least the Mariners won’t lose 100 games this year.

Dan Lopez, Burien

Social distancing already

With the Mariners’ 2019 season average attendance of 22,000 — in a stadium capable of 47,000 — isn’t the resumption of normal, attended baseball games just a matter of spacing out the fans?

Ron Witte, Redmond

Foreign substance

Imagine pitchers explaining to umpires that that mysterious stuff on the ball is just hand sanitizer.

husky69 (online comment)


Better bring back Beast Mode

A message to Pete Carroll: please don’t listen to people who advocate bringing on board Antonio Brown or Cam Newton. Who needs that kind of drama in the locker room? Instead, please re-sign Marshawn Lynch to help your “glass menagerie“ of running backs. Sincerely, a lifetime Seahawks fan.

Michele Buttelman, Coupeville

Tough choice

Clowney: Do you want The Ring or to play for the Browns?

Crowsfoot (online comment)


Huskies and Cougs get along

A great story about working together for the common good (Mike Vorel: “‘We lean on each other. We’re in this together’: Inside the bond between Apple Cup athletic directors Jen Cohen and Pat Chun”). Our state is lucky to have two top notch schools and people who care deeply about the students.

Jg2714 (online comment)

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