What if?

I’m guessing that most people, even those who really want the NBA back in Seattle, wouldn’t give A-Rod much love if he brings the Sonics back (Matt Calkins: “Alex Rodriguez would go from loathed to loved in Seattle by bringing back the Sonics, but don’t count on it”). He just doesn’t come across as genuine or likable.

SportsFans (online comment)

Thou shalt not steal

We are not Clay Bennett. We are not going to take an NBA team from a fan base — we already know how that feels. It has to be expansion.

Crowsfoot (online comment)


Well wishes for Slick Watts

Hey, Slick. You were everyone’s favorite Sonic when you came aboard in the early 70s (Larry Stone: “Sending positive thoughts to Sonics great Slick Watts, who has ‘long road to recovery’ after stroke”).

I vividly recall one of your first games when you were dwelling at the end of the bench in a blowout (win? loss? I don’t know). The crowd started chanting: “We Want Slick … We Want Slick …”

Bill Russell ignored it for as long as he could, then finally relented and put you in the game. You promptly stole the ball and later heaved up a shot from the corner that hit nothing but net. Everyone went wild. Get well, man.

Seventies Dawg (online comment)

Love that smile

I used to have a Slick T-shirt and headband when I was a kid and he was playing here. Never a time when he didn’t have a smile on his face. Here’s to a full recovery.

PistolPete (online comment)

Friend to all

Slick never met a stranger.

Gawlfer (online comment)

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