One and dones are overrated

I think we all know that Mike Hopkins can coach and also agree that “one and doners” don’t lend themselves to building a sound program. The last two years indicate this. (Matt Calkins: “With Isaiah Stewart and likely Jaden McDaniels NBA-bound, UW should be done with one-and-done players.”)

Perhaps the UW staff has difficulty in recruiting for good team development. That recruiting gift is not always in many coaches. Ex-WSU coach Tony Bennett had it. Gonzaga coach Mark Few has it.

“One and done” players are not in it for the college. So what’s the point?

Jack Becker, Gig Harbor


Open house

Could Seattle’s T-Mobile Park be considered as a neutral site for playoff games in November? We have a roof. It’s not like the Mariners were going to the postseason, no matter how short the season is. This could bring joy to the baseball fans around here.

Michael Cardwell, Quinault Indian Nation


Blast from the past

I enjoyed reading the article on Jim Pearson (Larry Stone: “Marysville’s Pearson has run at least a mile every day for 50 years and counting — and he’s not stopping anytime soon”). I still get out and run but was never close to his level.

I recall the start of the 1976 Mercer Island Half Marathon, I was thrilled to be ahead of Jim at the start, but of course that only lasted for about the first 100 yards or so, after that he went by me and I didn’t see him again until the finish.

Rob Larson, Everett


Name game

NHL Seattle has decided to wait on the name and team colors because they don’t think it’s the “right time” to give people a much-needed boost of excitement in these troubled times. Really? Throw us a bone!

Bill Cook

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