If you’re watching the Rose Bowl on Friday, don’t be surprised if you see a celebratory pose made famous by U.S. women’s national team and OL Reign winger Megan Rapinoe.

Alabama senior running back Najee Harris apparently is one of Rapinoe’s biggest fans.

Harris has paid tribute to Rapinoe after scoring touchdowns this season by mimicking her iconic, open-armed celebration after she scores a goal.

On Tuesday during a Rose Bowl news conference, Harris explained why he looks up to Rapinoe.

“Really all the stuff she stands up for,” Harris told reporters. “She’s a feminist and how the females, how women in the world gets treated unfairly and how they get paid different and different stuff than men. She stands up for all that. I like how she does that. And obviously the social injustice that happens, she plays a part in all that.”

“It can be scary for her to be a woman in what they would say is a man’s world,” Harris continued. “And her just listening, standing up, not listening to all the naysayers out there and really just standing up for what she believes in. It’s motivating and it’s inspirational.


“I guess you could say not too many males will say they look up to a woman nowadays. But I really look up to her for what she does outside of sports.”

Rapinoe responded Tuesday night on Twitter to Harris’ comments.

“Najeeeee Roll Tide!!!!! (did I do it right?) Be Great, get those roses and hurdle someone for me!” she tweeted.

Alabama will face Notre Dame in Friday’s Rose Bowl, which was moved to Arlington, Texas, this year because of COVID-19 restrictions in California.