In this beautiful city surrounded by ocean, the colors are especially vivid. Your vacation can be, too.

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It’s a proven fact that sunsets are most spectacular when shining over the water. Well, maybe not scientifically proven, but in Victoria, a city surrounded by ocean, the colors are especially vivid. And you don’t need to be in a tall building or a fancy hotel to appreciate them. Just step outside. Walk along Wharf Street. Go ahead and hold your spouse’s hand. (Do you remember when you used to do that all the time?) Get outside and enjoy the reds, pinks, oranges of sunset and all the colors of your vacation.

You can start by getting out onto that blue water. The Jacques Cousteau Society rated the water around Victoria as some of the clearest and best for cold-water scuba diving in the world. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to submerge yourself to enjoy it. It’s easy enough to rent a kayak and explore the harbor. You can set out in the morning when it’s likely to be calm and quiet and the harbor seals are curious. You can watch the city wake up and the small harbor ferries pass through. Or you can go out in the afternoon when the sun is at your back and starting its descent.

If you’re interested in spending some time in a boat that’s a little larger, you can take a ride with one of the many charter companies to search for the black and white. No, I’m not talking about Waldo but about orcas. With 80 resident whales in three pods that hang around the neighborhood, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for and enjoy a beautiful day on the water in the process.

Some days you want to feel the solid ground under your feet, and for those, there’s plenty of green to enjoy. You can start with the putting green. Five of the twelve golf courses that make up the Vancouver Island Golf trail are located in Victoria. Whether you’re out to beat your personal best or just trying to get in a few holes before dinner, it’s a great way to get a little exercise and reconnect with your partner.

Victoria is in the Pacific Northwest where there’s an abundance of green. So, in addition to the golf course, you can spend some time exploring the forest green. Visit Goldstream Park, just a 30-minute drive from downtown and explore the trails that wind through 600-year-old Douglas fir and red cedar trees, past waterfalls, and along the beach. In the spring and summer, you can enjoy the trillium and calypso wildflowers. If you time your trip right in late fall or early winter, you may be able to watch the spawning chum salmon swim upstream and the bald eagles who hunt them. No matter which route you take, it’ll feel good to end your day with satisfied muscles and a healthy appetite.

However you choose to spend your days in Victoria, be sure to set aside time in the evening to enjoy the red or white of a nice glass of wine, the pink of a good piece of salmon, and the green of a fresh vegetable. Linger over dinner. You don’t have anywhere you have to be, and you don’t need to do the dishes. Talk to your partner. After dinner, order coffee and maybe another craft cocktail. Go ahead and enjoy that berry tart, or that pretty little plate of cookies without worry or guilt because everyone knows that calories don’t count when you’re in Canada. (OK, this last statement is, of course, entirely untrue, but you can pretend because you’re on vacation.)

Victoria, B.C. is a year-round destination. Getting here is easy and once you’ve arrived, you’ll feel a million miles away. With an energetic and vibrant atmosphere it’s no surprise that Victoria is one of the world’s favorite destinations.