Among the simple pleasures in life are the ability to look out our windows and see flora and fauna, or enjoying a casual walk or invigorating hike with inspirational views of Mount Rainier.

Nature enthusiasts will revel in more than 20 miles of meandering trails through the alpine meadows and deep forests of tall pines and lush ferns that surround Wesley at Tehaleh. Residents and friends may also catch glimpses of some of the wildlife that call Bonney Lake home. They include:

Black-tailed deer: Over 1,800 acres of parks, trails and open space surrounded by forest provide abundant habitat for the black-tailed deer that reside in the lush woodlands.

Cascade Roosevelt elk: In the spring, herds of elk migrate from the higher altitudes of the Cascade mountain range to the Carbon River, which outlines the community. Early risers can typically find the resident herd grazing by Tehaleh Heights Elementary School.

Banana slug: Take a moment to scan the forest floor for these natural decomposers that help build rich soils by digesting fallen leaves and debris.

Eagle: Bird watchers should bring their binoculars to a Tehaleh neighborhood park to watch for these giant birds of prey. Woodpeckers, chickadees, killdeers and hummingbirds are also plentiful.

Western gray squirrel: This protected species can be found bounding among the trees along the trails. They typically nest in hollow trees, abandoned woodpecker cavities and similar hollows.

Brown bat: While walking the boardwalks, look for wooden boxes nestled into the camouflage. These boxes are on platforms for this nocturnal insectivore that hunts mosquitoes, moths and other insects around the wetlands.

All Wesley communities are known for outdoor living spaces, and Wesley at Tehaleh delivers on that expectation with patios and walking paths. From the Brownstone and Lodge building materials to the panoramic forest views seen from the large windows, the community takes its inspiration from the natural surroundings.


Wesley at Tehaleh: Located at 17702 Cascadia Blvd. E., Bonney Lake. Information: 253-466-2720 or