While the parks and sandy beaches of the City of Edmonds are welcoming on these hot and humid days, there is far more to be discovered in this bustling little town. In Uptown Edmonds, in the vicinity of Highway 99 and what the city calls its International District, there is a different kind of gathering.

Discover why food writer Nancy Leson, a resident of the town, says she’s living the dream as a foodie. Hoosonyi is where she and her son “fight over who gets the last slurp of bibim naengmyeon (spicy cold noodles), or come summer, its icy cousin, mul naengmyeon.”

In fact, Edmonds’ International District is a fine place to cool off with all kinds of summer treats. While you’re there, enjoy the town’s Uptown Market, a vendor fair and farmers market with live music.

Visit the market for the mouthwatering Central Asian halal street food of TABASSUM, and bring home pastries from Baked in Bosnia, and fruits and veggies from Amador Farms. Top off dinner plans with Chuckanut Beef. Artisan gifts, baskets, jewelry and candles are among the market finds.

The market’s musical lineup includes the Motown vibe of The Jewel Tones (August 9), Seattle reggae musician Adrian Xavier (August 16), and the smooth jazz of Sarah Shea & Chez Jazz (August 23).

While you’re in Uptown Edmonds, cool off with some bubble tea from Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea.

On the hottest of summer days, there’s nothing like sushi, cool, fresh and comforting. Edmonds is blessed with SanKai, a destination sushi bar with a “pro at the helm,” according to Leson. “This is the restaurant my husband and I turned to during the dark days of the pandemic for takeout-sushi extravaganzas enjoyed at home,” she says.

For Visit Edmonds, Carol Banks Weber writes that the International District is “an eye-opening, tummy-warming gateway to a foodie paradise, somewhere between India and Seoul, and the Seven Seas. Mom ‘n pop stores, bubble tea shops, markets and restaurants promise exotic adventures, often tucked inside unassuming, nondescript strip malls.”

Check out the district’s Central Plaza for Milkie Milkie Dessert Café and Baro Grocery, where you can load up on the veggies you won’t find at the local grocery store. At Milkie Milkie, the frozen Korean treat of bingsoo is made with frozen blocks of milk with your choice of toppings, from crushed Oreos to black sesame or green tea.

Family-owned Dumpling Generation in Edmonds is well known for its authentic, handmade Northeast Chinese flour dumplings, but a dizzying array of cold noodle dishes will have you coming back for more.

Vietnamese cuisine represents here, too. Seattle Deli offers $5 banh mi sandwiches, a culinary fusion of cultures — a French baguette filled with the fresh flavors of cilantro, chilies, pickled veggies and pork. Let’s face it, any cold sandwich is picnic fare on a summer day, but bahn mi takes it up a notch. You’ll also find lemongrass and pork belly banh mi sandwiches at Rise & Shine Bakery, along with cooling taro milk tea and coconut and custard-filled Vietnamese pastries.

If it’s another kind of sandwich you want for your picnic basket, swing by Sushi Moto for the Special Moto Lobster roll, redolent with wasabi dressing and distinctly Asian with eel sauce.


Want to eat like the celebrities? Seattle rapper Macklemore is a fan of Pho Than Brothers’ pho and, of course, its complimentary cream puff. Owner of Ono Poke (Hawaiian poke for the cool meal win!) spotted the late, great Anthony Bourdain at Noodle Hut, a favorite with locals as well, including Leson.

And if you’re in the mood for hot dishes but don’t want to heat up your kitchen, the International District is replete with ramen, fried chicken, pho, biang biang noodles, bibimbap, and bulgogi. Enjoy!

If all this has you hungry, then consider stopping in at 99 Ranch Market for all things Asian food. Stop in at Kuzma’s Fish Market and Eatery for the finest- quality, freshly caught seafood, much of it on display in saltwater tanks. Geoduck for dinner? Proprietor Ken Hewitt can share his expertise on preparing anything in the market.

There’s no need to travel to Vancouver, B.C., or to hang out in the busy streets of Seattle to enjoy the experience of the best of Asian food and shopping, when Edmonds is so close. Ethiopian, Mediterranean, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and Chinese food are all on tap with comforting, cooling options for a Pacific Northwest summer day.

For more in Edmonds, from the waterfront to Uptown, treat yourself to destination restaurants, and mom ’n pop fare that won’t disappoint.

Edmonds is home to Washington state’s first designated Creative District. The community’s significant commitment to art in all its forms brings out the best in performing, literary, visual, culinary and liquid arts.