'You can’t be successful if you have an abuser preying and looking for you 24/7.'

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Domestic violence casts a long shadow, one that follows even when the abuser isn’t in sight. For Ashley, that fear became a daunting barrier to success. She feared her abuser would track her down, that her time in a domestic violence shelter would run out, and that she’d end up on the streets with her young son, Marcus.

“When you have a constant worry of someone lurking after you, it becomes hard. You can’t be successful if you have an abuser preying and looking for you 24/7.”

After her shelter stay, Ashley was referred to Solid Ground’s Rapid Rehousing program, which provides case management and assistance to help people get back into housing as quickly as possible.

She laid everything out on the table when meeting Tamara, her case manager, for the first time. Tamara reassured her, “I can get you resources. We’re going to figure it out.”

Ashley was relieved. “With Tamara, we worked on goals and things I wanted to accomplish – like cleaning up my credit. She always gave me boosts of encouragement.”

Finding support helped Ashley build confidence and tap into her resiliency. “There are things I’ve never told anyone, but I felt confident enough to express myself to Tamara. I was grateful, because the No. 1 thing I wanted was to be heard. On the inside, we’re screaming for help. No one ever has the answers. For me, Solid Ground was the answer.”

A mere month after connecting with Tamara, permanent housing came through.

“Everyone wants to have their keys in their hand and lock the door behind them. You don’t have to worry about anyone coming in behind you. Home is sanctuary. I’m home. I’m finally home,” Ashley says.

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